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Wiki - Abecedaria

The New Player Dungeon

Located North of New Beginnings in Abecedaria. The New Player Dungeon is home to some custom quests designed to help players get a strong foothold in the game.

New Player Dungeon.PNG
New Player Dungeon Location.PNG

Just inside the entrance of the dungeon is a few things that you will want to visit repeatedly. The Gift of the Gods stone will dispense one Cloak of the Gods, called the 'Gift of Kos' to one character on each account once every 24 hours. The cloak will last one hour only, but will provide incredible bonuses to it's wearer. The cloak can not be traded.

There is also an Ankh, a Corpse Collection Stone and a Pet Resurrection Stone in the room.  Free safeguards to those who can reach them.


The Abecedarian Trainer is also in the entryway.

Abecedaria 01.png

The Dungeon itself consists four levels. The cave up the stairs in the entrance room leads to Level 1 & 2, and the one in the north wall to Level 3 and 4. The bosses for Part 2 of the Abecedarian Quest reside on Level 3, but they will not attack players who are not on that section of the quest.  The New Player Champ can be reached at the bottom level, which is down the stairs.  The Champ area is safe from PvP,.

The Spawn

All spawn in Abecedaria drop Scrolls of Transcendence & Alacrity

New Player Dungeon 4.PNG

Strangling Vines are rooted to the ground, while Roaming Vines will wander.  Neither should pose much threat.


The Possessed Tree is cousin to the Reaper.  Rooted to the ground, they have rudimentary magical ability.

New Player Champ 7.PNG

Dark Wolves are in control of the lower levels of Abecedaria.


Feral Dark Wolves are the pets and guards of their more evolved cousins.


The Fire Spider inhabits certain locations in Abecedaria.

New Player Champ


The Teratologist

The evil Teratologist resides here studying his monsters.  Defeat them all to bring him forth and receive gold and Powerscrolls.

TIER 1 - Giant Rats & Mongbats

TIER 2 - Gazer Larvae & Gazers

TIER 3 - Orcs & Orcish Mages

TIER 4 - Ogres & Ogre Mages

The Teratologist is one of very few champions where Player vs. Player combat is not allowed. This is to ensure newer players can get established before having to deal with that aspect of the game.  

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