- Installation Guide -

Whether you've been playing Ultima Online since the 90's or this is the first you've looked into trying it, getting started can be a frustrating ordeal.  To simplify the process we've added a guide to downloading and setting up.

Important Note about Running as Administrator

Set all of the following to be run as Admin to avoid issues

Legends of Sosaria Patcher


(located at c:://program files(x 86)/Ultima Online Legends of Sosaria/)


Step One - Download the Custom Client Patch & Play Software

The client is vital to your experience while playing Legends of Sosaria.  You won't be able to log in with a client older than ours at all, and with a new one that isn't ours you will have several issues including (but not limited to), invisible walls, invisible monsters, and invisible items.  The server, without our client, is not an experience we'd wish upon anyone.

To download the client click on the download button in the main menu above and select  to download the LoS Patch & Play App. This will virtually instantaneous. 

If clicking the LoS Patch & Play download button doesn't seem to work, right-click on it and select to open it in a private or incognito window, or try it in a different browser. Chrome will block unknown exe files rather than ask users to confirm they trust the source.

Step Two - Load the Patch & Play Software


Legends of Sosaria is designed to work with ClassicUO. Attempting to use UOSteam, Razor, or other assist programs directly may result in issues similar to the ones experienced on an incorrect client. By default, our version of CUO will run with razor attached. Click on the icon in the center of the Patch & Play screen to load the game.


Step Three (Optional) - Modify ClassicUO Settings file


This step is only for those who already have ClassicUO set up and would prefer to continue using it to log in. If you intend to use the LoS Patch & Play software exclusively then you can skip ahead to 'Step 5'.

Download ClassicUO here.

Navigate to the settings.json file in the ClassicUO folder and open it in Notepad.

Replace the maps_layouts line with the line below in order to see all of our maps properly.

"maps_layouts" : "7168,4096;7168,4096;2304,1600;2560,2048;1448,1448;1280,4096;1448,1448;",

Step Four (Optional) - Set up your ClassicUO Profile


This step is only for those who already have already elected to continue using their own ClassicUO set up. If you intend to use the LoS Patch & Play software exclusively then you can skip ahead to 'Step 5'.

Add a new profile in the ClassicUO launcher and enter the following information and click 'Save Profile' and then 'BACK'.

Here you may also select the Plugins tab to choose if you wish to have Razor or Razor Enhanced load when you log in. Using external assist programs may cause issues.


Step Five (Optional) - Choose Your Assist Plugin

Razor will load by default when you log in through the patcher. If you choose to use Razor then you can move on to Step 6.s

If you would like to use Razor Enhanced with the ClassicUO provided with our patcher, change the plugins line in settings.json in the ClassicUO directory inside of the Ultima Online Legends of Sosaria folder to point to your Razor Enhanced.








This would point to Razor Enhanced folder located inside of the plugins folder in the Ultima Online Legends of Sosaria ClassicUO folder.

Step Six - Create & Log into your Account

If everything has been done correctly you should now be able to click 'Play' on the ClassicUO screen or connect by clicking on the Icon in the middle of the Patch & Play software. Either will lead you to login screen. The first time you enter an Account Name and Password your account is created. The Account Name and Password should match the one you entered into your ClassicUO profile. If, for some reason they do not, simply Edit the profile.  Each player is allowed only one account. It should be noted that if more than one account is required after this (if there is more than one player in a single household) then use the help menu in game to page staff to create the additional accounts for any additional players. We are more than happy to accommodate this. Keep in mind if the requested User Names are in the original page then the process will be quicker.

Once you've entered the account information you will see a screen where you log into the shard.  Simply click on Legends of Sosaria here to progress.


Step Seven - Welcome to LoS!

You should now be sitting on the character creation screen.  From here things are pretty self explanatory.  Choose your race, gender,  starting stats, skills, and set your name.  Use the arrows to navigate the menu until you're done.  Further information for first time logins can be found in the New Player Guide.