- Installation Guide -

Whether you've been playing Ultima Online since the 90's or this is the first you've looked into trying it, getting started can be a frustrating ordeal.  To simplify the process we've added a guide to downloading and setting up.

Important Note about Running as Administrator

Set all of the following to be run as Admin to avoid issues

Legends of Sosaria Patcher


(located at c:://program files(x 86)/Ultima Online Legends of Sosaria/)

Any of the assist programs you choose to use.




(Folders for each are in the same folder as the client.)

Step One - Apply for an Account

We allow one Account per player.  Each player that wants to play on the server must click Apply in the header of this site and fill out the simple form.  Choose the Account Name you'd like and fill out the rest of the form.  Please make sure your email is correct in the field provided as we will be sending you your temporary password through it.  Once you're in game, you may change that password by typing [password in game and hitting enter.

Step Two - Download the Custom Client Patch & Play Software

We advise doing this while waiting for your Account to be created to save you time.

The client is vital to your experience while playing Legends of Sosaria.  You won't be able to log in with a client older than ours at all, and with a new one that isn't ours you will have several issues including (but not limited to), invisible walls, invisible monsters, and invisible items.  The server, without our client, is not an experience we'd wish upon anyone.

To download the client click on the download button in the main menu above and select  to download the LoS Patch & Play App. This will virtually instantaneous.  The first time this App is run it will download a fully patched custom client if you follow the prompts.  If you already have the client then the App will check for patches and update your files, if needed, every time you load.

Step Three - Choose  your Assist Program

The Legends of Sosaria Patch & Play Software comes complete with UO Razor, UO Steam, and Classic UO (with built in Razor).  Choosing which one you want to use is up to you but all three appear as tiny icons once your client is verified.  We recommend that Classic UO is not chosen at this time as we are expreiencing a couple graphics issues with it.

Step Four - Run the Game

Regardless of which assist program  you chose, a launcher will appear.  For convenience, all the fields will be filled out if you ran through the App. If they are are not filled out then target both the client.exe and the 'Ultima Online Legends of Sosaria' Folder'.  The shard and port information can be found at the top of the downloads page. Once it's verified that this is so, click 'Start' or 'Ok'.

Step Five - Log in to yourAccount

If everything has been done correctly you are now seeing the login screen.  Enter the Account name you provided and the Password we gave you in response to your application. Again, each player is allowed only one account.  It should be noted that if more than one account is required after this (if there is more than one player in a single household) then use the help menu in game to page staff to create the additional accounts for any additional players.  We are more than happy to accommodate this.  Keep in mind if the requested User Names are in the original page then the process will be quicker.

Once you've entered the account information you will see a screen where you log into the shard.  Simply click on Legends of Sosaria here to progress.

Step Six - Welcome to LoS!

You should now be sitting on the character creation screen.  From here things are pretty self explanatory.  Choose your race, gender,  starting stats, skills, and set your name.  Use the arrows to navigate the menu until you're done.  Further information for first time logins can be found in the New Player Guide.

Use [Vote in game to vote and gain up to  5  tokens every 24 to 25 hours