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Be Sure to read the Codex before beginning to avoid serious mistakes.

Instructions to installing the game can be found in the Installation Guide.

Once you get into game here are some examples of How To Make Gold as well.

Use [mycommands to view list of commands in game, and learn the options in the drop down menu.

Movement & Game Play: 

Ultima Online is immense. It would be impossible to explain everything on this page, but to help those who are not familiar with how the game is played, here is a link to some information on Basic Game Play. Keep in mind much of the information here does not apply directly to Legends of Sosaria as we are a custom shard with some fundamental differences, but here you will find basic information such as how to move your character and interact with items. Alternatively you may ask our player base for this information in game (use [c to speak in World Chat). There is almost always someone around who can tell you how to play.

Starting Equipment:

When joining Legends of Sosaria, you receive 50k gold added to your account balance to go toward setting yourself up with gear, weapons, or whatever else you will need starting out.  To see what you have in your account, say 'bank' near a banker or bank stone and then say 'balance' while you can see your bank box.  You can take gold out by saying 'withdraw <amount>', but most vendors will deal directly with  your bank account. Gold is shared through the bank for all characters created on your account.

Every character begins with a Merchant Coin Pouch. Double-Click it to prime it, and keep it in your main pack, to ensure Merchant Coins are gained.

You will also receive a skill codex to set 10 skills of your choice to 100 on the first character you create.  Use it wisely as you will only receive the codex once on the first character you create.


Starting Area:
Upon starting, you will find yourself next to a building in the middle of New Beginnings, the new player town. Near the building is a Charity Box. This is here for experienced players to donate items to new players. It's a good idea to look through it because there's sometimes fairly decent stuff available. After you're done there are several NPCs waiting with simple informational quests to teach you about such things as Merchant Coins and the Hunger and Drowning systems. These are optional quests and can be done at your leisure. Once you're satisfied you have nothing else to do here, there are several quests throughout the town that will help you in training your skills, and don't forget to visit the training room on the west side of the outer ring. Near the bank you will find a world omniporter that will allow you to travel all over the world of LoS. Don't worry, you can always return to New Beginnings.

Note:  If the starting area is black, and you can't move, then there is something wrong in your setup. Refer to our Getting Started and Troubleshooting guides for assistance.


Training Room:

In the Training Room, there are weapons that spawn on the tables that you can use to fight against the training dummies to advance your combat skills. The training weapons will not do any damage on monsters outside of the training room. They also spawn on a delay, so if you find one is not there, another will spawn within 20 to 30 minutes. There are also chests in the room that can be used to train remove traps and lockpicking, and dips to train stealing.  The Training Room will allow the training of skills to 100 (GM level).  Exceeding this cap requires leaving the area. It should be noted that some skills train passively during the training of others. These secondary skills will gain only so long as the primary skill has room to do so as well. Lumberjacking, for example, will stop gaining while using an axe on one of the dummies if your characters' swords skill has reached GM level already. It should also be noted that though the training bow says it can be used at a range, you must be within 2 tiles of the training dummies for them to function.

Power Hour:

Use the [powerhour command to initiate 60 minutes of increased skill gain and looted gold from monsters. During this hour each time skill is gained there will be a 25% chance of a second gain and 25% more gold will be found on the corpses of monsters looted by the character. Once the hour expires, 23 hours must pass before another may be started. The wait time may be shortened by use of Time Boosts.

World Teleporters

You can find these in towns and dungeons in Abecedaria, Trammel, Ilshenar, Tokuno, Termur, Malas, and Felucca.  You cannot mark runes in Felucca.  You can recall out to exit Felucca, as long as you are not inside a dungeon.  Be sure to check out the Custom sections on the World Teleporter.  Here you will find the LoS Store (holds all high end items available for purchase), the LoS Display Gates (our display areas for all custom content as well as seasonal quests), the Training Room, Pomona's Farm (our custom built area for harvesting crops and farming BoDs), Pomona's Market (set up with some vendors that sell deco items, and the site of our staff run auction events which we will hold in the future), and Pomona's Orchard (Area with trees to harvest for Farming BoDs and Fall Harvest Quest).

New Player Dungeon:

Once you're done in the Training Room there is a World Teleporter (sometimes called an omni-porter) in the room that can be used to get around the shard.  The New Player Dungeon is an important stop for beginning players.  There is a stone just inside the entrance that, when double clicked, dispenses one Cloak of the Gods (See right) per 24 hours.  The cloak lasts only one hour, but that is long enough to be a great help in completing either the New Player Champ, or Quests.

LoS Store

Most items in the LoS Store are available for purchase with Legendary Dust.  Legendary Dust can be bought and sold from the Currency Trader in the store.  Single click, and click 'trade' to bring up a menu to buy and sell.  You can also get Legendary Dust from donating to the server using [donate.  You also will receive whatever the current bonus item for each $40 US that is donated.  All donations go toward cost and time put into running the server, and are greatly appreciated!  The donation system is fully automated. There is also a vote reward stone in the LoS Store, this is a new addition.  Useful items that players use a lot of, such as pet leashes and bonding deeds, which can also be obtained from filling Taming BoDs, to help reward for players who vote for the server daily!  Use [vote to vote for the server and earn the tokens.


Player Vendors

Player vendors can currently only be placed in houses and Magincia Stalls. There are a few player run vendor malls around. You can find items for sale on player vendors using the Vendor Search feature (accessed by single clicking yourself, and clicking vendor search). The search feature creates a map to the location of the vendor. Clicking the map gives the option to teleport to the vendor. Once at the vendor, clicking the map will give the options to open the container holding the item searched for and teleporting back to where the map was obtained.


PVP is disabled server-wide.


There are 2 houses allowed per account to start. Two additional plots may be acquired on each account, which ultimately allows up to 4 houses per player. These additional plots must be applied to a single character to allow the 4th house because deleting a character with the additional plot allowances will also delete any extra plots associated to them.

Example: Bob has three characters on his account and has used his two house plots. If he wishes to build a third he must purchase a 3rd Plot from the LoS store and apply it to one of this characters. He chooses the character in the first slot, so that one will now have the ability to lay out a 3rd plot. The other two characters on the account can not build the third house because they did not use the deed. Bob uses the appropriate character to build his third house. If, later, he wishes to build his fourth he will have to repeat the process with the same character who build the third. If a different character uses a deed, they will only aquire the ability to lay out a third house because they haven't yet done so, and should the character in the first slot ever be deleted any plots added to the account will be lost. No houses will be lost in the losing of extra plots allowances. If a player has built 3 houses, all three will remain owned even if the account only has rights to two after deleting a character. A player in this situation will need to use two plot deeds to allow the building of their 4th (one to replace the lost 3rd + the 4th).


Housing is currently disabled in Felucca to lay down plots, however there are townhouses available for rent in Felucca.  You cannot recall into Felucca, however you can use the [myhouses command to go directly to your house should you rent one in Felucca. There will eventually be houses put up for auction and sale in Felucca as well, in staff chosen locations.

Skill & Stat Cap

There is no skill cap, and stat cap starting out is 300 but can be increased to 500 with scrolls. You can find more info here ( Skills can be trained up to 130 with Powerscrolls and Powerscrolls must be read in order. This means that a 105 Scroll must be read before a 110 will work for a particular skill etc...

Skill Training and Macroing

You may afk macro skill training so long as no wealth or resources can be gained from the action.  Please choose an out of the way location such as the training room, or your house, if your macro involves casting spells or disrupting actions.  Please do not stand in front of the banks and spam spells for example.  You can purchase starting skill amounts from NPC's in New Haven up to 40, and in other areas to varying amounts approximating 30.  The quests in New Haven are all for new players as well.


For information on  suggested ways to train skills see our Skill Training Guide.


There are corpse summoners, ankhs, and pet resurrection crystals placed outside of dungeons and in dangerous areas throughout the game.  The corpse summoners cost 30k to use, and the pet resurrection crystals are 20k.  Currently, the only free ones are in the New Player Dungeon and New Player Champ area.  An ankh is used to resurrect yourself and tithe gold for Chivalry spells.  You can also lock/unlock your karma.  When your karma is locked, you can no longer gain positive karma but can still lose karma.  Corpse summoners will gather your belongings off your last corpse, they also will resurrect you.  Pet resurrection stones will resurrect your pets.

Getting Lost: 

Until a player learns their way around the server it is very easy to get lost. The world of Sosaria is huge and much of it is not safe. Should a player find themselves unable to find their way they may use the 'Help' option and select "I'm Stuck' from the menu. This will allow them to be moved to one of a few more familiar locations. There is also, in most locations, the option of using magic to recall to a marked rune, or to use [myhouses to return to a house owned by the lost player. Because all new characters start with a Small House Deed, there is no reason to not have this option. Exploring is part of the game, and as such, so is becoming lost. Staff will not rescue players who can't find their way home on their own.



Every so often the server will restart. At these times there may be a change log with any changes that have been implemented posted on this site. It is in a players best interest to check in on the change logs to stay up to date on what's happening by following the link in the header bar.


It should also be noted that staff will call for a restart 5 minutes before one actually happens so long as it is a planned one. Use these 5 minutes to get to safety. If a player has an active corpse when the server goes down then it will still be there when the server comes up, but it will begin decaying immediately even if their owner does not log in. Should this happen, we suggest trying to log in asap when the server comes up to try to recover the corpse. Also, as mentioned below, if you have everything insured properly then losing a corpse is only a minor inconvenience.



Item insurance is very important.  This will protect you from losing your items when you die.  Please make sure you insure your items.  If you die and lose your items, staff is not responsible for recovering them for you.  Single click yourself and click open item insurance menu to insure your items.  You will need to check “Auto Reinsure” at the top of the gump to automatically reinsure your items after you die.  If you do not check this, after the first time you die your items will no longer be insured and can be lost the next time you die.  This gump will tell you how much gold you have available in the bank at the bottom, as well as the total cost of your insurance.  Select next to each item to insure it.

Blessed Items

Blessed items automatically follow you on death without using insurance money. They can not be stolen.

Cursed Items: 

Cursed items automatically land on your corpse on death and can not be insured. They can be stolen in Felucca.

Account/Player Bound Items

These are items that bind to your account or character.  You cannot trade them with others and others can not use them.  Please note, this does not mean they are blessed or insured. If you die, they can be lost on your corpse.  Please make sure you bless/insure your items to keep them safe.

Pet bonding: 

Pet bonding deeds are purchasable with vote tokens in the LoS Store and craftable in the Custom Taming Craft.  They will protect your pet from disappearing on death.  You can also bond a pet by feeding it, stabling or shrinking it for one week, and then feeding it again.  If a pet is bonded, it is able to be resurrected when it dies and will follow their owner through recall spells.  Please make sure you bond your pets!  Otherwise they will not be able to be resurrected. It should be added that a bonded pet must still be fed to eliminate the risk of it growing unhappy and going wild. 

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