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Wiki - Luck of the Irish

The Luck of the Irish quest is our seasonal quest for March.  It is a three tiered quest that is repeatable every 8 hours.  You can view the display area for the quest rewards in the LoS Display Gates area (Malas-Custom on the omni-porter).

To begin the quest, use the world omni-porter to get to the quest grove and double-click on the horseshoe.  This will bring you to the hut of Lucky the Leprechaun, a friendly little fellow who has recently had a scuffle with a Luck Dragon.  Double click lucky to bring up the quest dialogue.


Part One - Lucky's Charms


The Luck Dragon has stolen Lucky's Pot of Gold and he needs help to retrieve it.  Wouldn't you know it, though, some of his charms fell out on the dragons way back to his home on Temple Island.  A magical portal to the island can be found behind Lucky's hut (Look for the Horseshoe).  Use the Stealing Skill to gather 15 of each item and return to Lucky to progress to the second part of the quest. The treasures also will sometimes drop on the creatures for those who don't have the skill required.


Part Two - Luck's Minions


Lucky is thankful for your help but being greedy, and if truth be told just a little spiteful, he wants revenge on the minions who were guarding his charms.  Head back to Temple Island and kill 15 of each of the spawn there.  Return to Lucky when you're done to progress the quest and to receive a Lucky Clover which will open the gate to the Luck Dragon.


Part Three - Slay the Luck Dragon


Back on Temple Island you probably noticed the gate surrounded by pillars.  The Lucky Clover that Lucky gave you will allow to enter the portal into the Luck Dragon's lair. 


Kill the Luck Dragon and get the Pot of Gold to complete the quest.  


Saint Patricks Day Talisman


Unlike most of the Seasonal Totems, getting the Lucky Shamrock does not require a specific number of quest runs.  Instead it is a rare, luck based, drop that can fall off the Luck Dragon.  It is, therefor, possible to attain more than one.

Once equipped, the Lucky Shamrock will bind to that character and will not be equipable by anyone else.  In order to trade or sell it, a player would have to do so before equipping it.

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