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Wiki - Power Hour

For one hour per day, players may take advantage of their Power Hour which will increase Skill Gain and Gold Looted off monsters by 25% for the duration. The Skill Gain is a chance of a second gain when a normal gain is achieved, so this bonus will speed up normal training, but will not allow gains where they would not normally be gained.


The Power Hour must all be used at once so players may wish to hold off using it until they have the full hour free to use it.


Once the hour has ended it takes 23 hours to gain the next one, but Time Boosts may be used to start the next hour early.

To attempt to initiate the Power Hour, use the [powerhour command. If the hour is available a gump will appear to prompt you to begin the hour. If the hour is already active then a system message will inform the player how much time is left on it. If the hour is not available, and you have Time Boosts available, then the Time Boost option will appear. Here you can see how long you have to wait before the next power hour can be initiated.

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