Wiki - Time Boosts

There are many things in the game that have timers; an amount of time that must be spent waiting before the action can be repeated. Examples are Seasonal Quests, Collecting Bulk Order Deeds, entering any Instanced Dungeon, or even Bonding a Pet.

Time Boosts can (or will once they are fully implemented) be used to offset these waiting periods, giving players more control over the time they spend active in-game by rewarding them for time spent logged-in.

Currently, 1 minute of Time Boost is added to each Player Account that has a character logged in on every World Save, which occur every fifteen minutes. The time boosts are shared among all players on the account. This may not sound like a lot, but to those who are able to stay logged in afk they will total 96 minutes per day (4 per hour for 24 hours). 

Please note, this system is still young and under development. As such, there are limited uses for Time Boosts currently implemented. As they are they will be listed here. Rather than wait for full development we decided to allow players to begin saving them early.


Active Uses for Time Boosts

  • Power Hour Delay

  • Non-Chain Custom Quest Delays

  • Non-Custom Mondain's Legacy Quest Delays

  • Instanced Dungeon lock-Out Delays

  • Bulk Order Deed Collection Delays