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Wiki - Races

When a character is created in Ultima Online their race must be chosen from between Human and Elf. Depending on which race is chosen that character gains the traits of that race. When the players' paperdoll is opened, a book describing his or her racial traits sits by their right foot in the bottom-left corner of the gump. Double-Click this book to view it.

We have introduced a third race, Vampires, to the mix. Unlike the other two races, players can not begin the game as Vampires. Instead, they must undertake a special Heritage Quest to gain eternal life.


The first playable race in Ultima Online. Humans naturally heal faster than Elves and Gargoyles and are more adept at basic resource gathering and can carry greater weights. Most significantly, they have the “Jack of All Trades” trait, which provides them a “hidden” minimum of 20 skill points in all skills – even ones they have not trained past 0. Humans are the most widespread race, with kingdoms in Britannia and Tokuno, as well as towns in Malas and the Lost Lands.



The Elf race hails from Heartwood, and their lives are tied to the well being of all of Sosaria. Due to this Elves are more in touch with nature, granting them a greater ability in locating special resources. Their wisdom imparts an automatic increase to their total Mana as well as a higher natural resistance to energy-based attacks. They also have a higher ability to move without being tracked, and are better able to detect others who are hidden. They also have better eyesight in the darkness, meaning they do not have to make use of the “Night Sight” spell at nighttime or in dungeons as Humans and Gargoyles do.

GEAR & WEAPONS: Human and Elf


The first of Legends of Sosaria's custom races, Vampires are created, not born. Having given up their lives to gain immortality, Vampires no longer need to eat. Instead, they must drink the blood from living creatures to maintain their energy. They have an unnatural ability to drain the life from those they encounter. Their very existence is unholy and, though they may not be evil themselves, no amount of good deeds will gain them a reputation for being virtuous and they may not use Chivalry magic. Garlic, often used in curative ointments, burns their skin. Being among the dead, they are more resistant to cold and less resistant to fire than humans, and their magical nature allows them to see in the dark as well as elves. While still able to ride mounts, many Vampires have been known to utilize the power to transform into bats to travel. Contrary to some rumors, these masters of the night are not seriously hindered by sunlight though it does cause them some discomfort.

GEAR & WEAPONS: Human and Vampire


Heritage Quests

There are a few Heritage Quests in the game that allow changing from one race to another. Besides these quests, only the Race Change Token from the LoS Store will allow a character's race to change.

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