Wiki - The Sunless Citadel

Unique to Legends of Sosaria is The Sunless Citadel. Created and Developed as mid-tier content, this dungeon also acts as a key location for those who wish to embark on joining the Vampire Race.

The location of the dungeon is discovered by completing the Citadel Entrance quest. We have chosen not to include complete Wiki's for the associated quests at this time. Instead, only the locations of the Quest NPC's are provided, with the exception of Sebastian LaCroix.

Entrance Quest

Those who would embark on the Journey to gain entrance to the Sunless Citadel must complete a chain of Quests that begins just outside the Moonglow Castle of Magicka, in Felucca, with a Woman In Distress. 

Moonglow Island - Felucca

Read the dialogue carefully on this, and all Sunless Citadel quests because exact details will not be described within this Wiki. We believe this will add to the adventure of this entirely new custom built dungeon. Enjoy!

Vampire Heritage Quest

Unlike the main three races, Vampires are not born. The path to becoming one begins with Sebastian LaCroix, who's location must first be discovered.

The Vampire Heritage Quest is a several part, repeatable, chain quest that is intermingled with the Sunless Citadel. No exact step-by-step guide will be provided for any of the Sunless Citadel quests but it should be mentioned that one prerequisite is to complete the Entry Quest for the citadel itself.

The final reward for completing all parts of the quest is a Vial of Sebastian LaCroix's Blood. Anyone who drinks it will become one of his children.

Brutal Plague Quest

East of the Forgotten Pyramid in Malas, at the back end of a cave, adventurers will find a Wild Eyed Archaeologist. He will send the players to collect items off of five of the darkest evils in the Stygian Abyss.


Stygian Dragon

Niporailem the Thief


Slasher of Veils

Snake of Medusa

Stygian Dragon Head

Double Headed Coin

Egg of Navrey

Claw of the Slasher

Collect one of each and return to the archaeologist to be allowed passage into the area. Step on the grave to enter an instance of The Sunless Citadel for a chance at earning a set of special Vampire-Only gear.

Like the other instanced dungeons, characters who enter this area enter into their own instance of the dungeon unless they are partied.

Side Quests

Raiding The Citadel

Holy Frederich (Moonglow Inn)

The Stolen Cross

Shoshanna (Sunless Citadel Dungeon Level 2)

Cleanse The Citadel

Holy Hans (Moonglow Castle)

Each of these side quests rewards a bag of treasure which have a chance of holding special recipes for Vampire only craftables. 

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