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Wiki - Raffle Stones

Directly beside the World Omniporter in the Display Gates Area players will find stones where they may purchase Raffle Tickets for a chance at winning the item that is on display on the pedestal beside that stone. The Display Gates Area may be found under Malas, Custom, on the World Omniporter.

By hovering over the stone players may see the item being auctioned, it's ticket price, the time remaining for the auction, as well as the total number of tickets sold and the gold invested in them currently.

Purchasing a large number of tickets increases chances of winning, of course, but the possibility always exists for one ticket to win the prize!


To purchase Tickets, Double-Click the stone. The gump to the right will appear showing all the same information that appears on Hover-Over, with the additional information that describes your chances of winning so far, and the option to purchase more tickets.


Play the odds! Invest in a higher chance to win, or gamble on a single ticket. It's up to each player to decide.


The only sure way to lose is not to play the game!


When Time Remaining reaches zero, one random ticket from those purchased is automatically drawn and a winner is determined. A message sent letting everyone know who won the raffle and the item is deposited in the backpack of the winner.

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