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Wiki - Caps

If you're looking for gear related caps, those are listed here.

Total Stat Cap

Characters begin with a total stat cap of 300​

So their Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence may not add up to be more than this.

The total stat cap can be increased using Stat Cap scrolls  There are eight types of Stat Cap scrolls, each increases total stat cap by 25 to a maximum final cap of 500.  The scrolls must be read in order and are labeled as follows.

















You can find any of the stat scrolls up to, and including, Wondrous by defeating the Harrower in game, but he will drop only one each time he's spawned for each player and the drops are random.  It will take several attempts to get the scrolls needed to reach 400.

The final four scrolls are for sale in the Legends of Sosaria store in game.

Individual Stat Cap

Characters begin with an individual stat cap of 125​

So their Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence may not exceed more than this each.

Combined with the Total Max Stat combination, this means that characters starting out may have a total of 300 stats and that none of them may exceed 125.  It is possible to have 125 Str, 125 Dex, and 50 Int, but not possible to have 150 Str, 100, Dex, and 50 Int because Str is capped at 125.  It should also be noted that a stat has a minimum value of 10.

Each of the individual stat caps can be increased by 10 by drinking Legendary potions of their respective stat.  Ten of each such potions may be imbibed to increase a stat to an ultimate cap of 225.

Legendary potions are sold in the Legends of Sosaria store in game.



There is no Max Skill limit on LoS, but each individual Skill begins with a cap of 100.​

Individual skills can have their caps increased to 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, or 130 through the use of Powerscrolls, which drop at the end of Champion Spawns and can be rewards for doing BODS.  It is also possible to purchase Powerscrolls of any level from the LoS Store.  They do need to be read in order, so a character must read all six levels of a particular skill to reach 130.


Powerscrolls can be bound together to make higher tiered ones of the same type, up to 120, through the use of scroll binders which are craftable with the Inscription skill.  To make them you need 100 wood pulp, and 10 tattered remnants of an ancient scroll (these drop off specific spawn in Ter Mur).  You can not bind stat scrolls on LoS, but scrolls of transcendence, powerscrolls and pet powerscrolls can be.  

Be careful!

Once a Powerscroll is added to a Powerscroll Binder Deed

it can not be removed again

The number of scrolls of the same type required to create a powerscroll are as follows.

6 x 105 = 110

10 x 110 = 115

12 x 115 = 120

12 x 120 = 125

12 x 125 = 130

Scrolls of Transcendence can be bound as follows.

Players can bind SoTs to 2.0 or 5.0 skills

If player adds SoTs to the exact value of 2.0, binder becomes a 2.0 SoT

If player binds beyond 2.0, binder continues to add to 5.0

If player attempts to bind beyond 5.0, he receives a warning pts will be lost

Players cannot use an empty binder on a 2.0 SoT

Players can combine a 2.0 SoT to a partially filled binder

Skill Gear

All gear can come with skill adds.  These will not take you over your actual cap but may help you until you've trained up.  There are a few items with skill 'bonuses' that will exceed the cap, and these are listed below.  All of these are possible rewards from completeing BOD's, and are on display in the display area which can be reached on the world omni-porter under custom.

Ancient Smithy Hammer

Ancient Carpenter Hammer

Ancient Fletchers Talisman

Imbuing Gear

Mining Gear

Lumberjacking Gear

Taming Gear

Veterinary Gear

Lore Gear​

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