Use [Vote in game to vote and gain up to  5  tokens every 24 to 25 hours




Port: 2593


1/22/2020: We are preparing for the Valentines Day Seasonal Quest, which will run throughout the month of February.  View the Wiki.

12/30/2019: Felucca Moonglow is now under construction.  Exploring in this area may present issues.

12/28/2019: We are now listed on Six more vote sites.  They are linked to the [Vote command and in the footer of this site.  Please vote on as many as you can daily for up to five vote tokens/day!


12/20/2019: Patch 2.0 is now available.  Downloading the client from our downloads section will provide a fully patched client.  Existing players may use the patch stone which is located near Britain bank to update their current client.

Three new quests have been added to Eacotura.  Be sure to check them out.

12/5/2019:  The Winter Event is now live and active until the end of January. 

No Skill Cap

300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls)

New Player Dungeon, Quests, Champ & Power Hour Cloak

(Available until 90 days Account Age)

Custom Clothing, Weapon, & Spawn Graphics

Custom Hairstyles

Weapon Leveling & Imbuable Clothing

Custom Arti Systems

(Tier 3 Tokuno, Relics of Ter Mur trade in system

Legendary Spawn and Artifact Drops)

Ten levels of T-Maps

(Custom drops for T-Map and SOS chests)

Custom Resources and Runics

11 types of BoDs

Seasonal & Custom Quests

Customized Player Vendors, Achievements, and Veteran Rewards

Custom Facet - Isle of Eocatura

(Complete with custom Spawn, Tamables & Quests)

Townhouses, LOTS of deco


Download our Custom Client & Play for Free!

Donation Bonus

Treasure Map Decoder

per $40 USD donation

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