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Shard Specifications

PvM, ClassicUO Only

Daily Login Rewards

No Skill Cap, One Account per Player

300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls)

New Player Dungeon, Quests, Champ & Power Hour Cloak

 (Available until 30 days Account Age)

Viable Spell Casters & Crafters

Custom Clothing, Weapon, & Spawn Graphics

Custom Hairstyles

Weapon Leveling & Imbuable Clothing

Custom Arti Systems

(Tier 3 Tokuno, Relics of Ter Mur trade in system

Legendary Spawn and Artifact Drops)

Ten levels of T-Maps

(Custom drops for T-Map and SOS chests)

Custom Resources and Runics, 12 types of BoDs

Seasonal & Custom Quests

Customized Player Vendors, Achievements, & Veteran Rewards

Custom Facets

(Isle of Abecedaria, Forsaken Isles, & Eacotura) 


Download our Custom Client & Play for Free!



Music Credits:

Arabian Princess - Clement Panchout

Lost in the Desert - Eldritch Grim

Sylvan Waltz - Otto Halmén

Town Theme - remaxim

Little Town - Bart

Mushroom Dance - Bart

Creep Forest - HaelDB

Gloom - SouljahdeShiva

Snow About A Castle - Telaron

Path Walk - HorrorPen

Town Theme & Dark Forest - CynicMusic

Medieval - Miguel Herrero

Enchanted Festival, Woodland Fantasy, Soliloquy, & Dark Amulet - Music by Matthew Pablo

Dark Shrine - Qubodup

Artwork Credits:

MrRiots, Vrark



 & Voxpire for his many contributions in our custom code




March is here already, and the Luck of the Irish Seasonal Quest is open.



LoS has been moved to a dedicated server!



The issue mentioned below regarding chain quests has been resolved. Sadly, any quests that were attained before yesterday's restart will continue to experience the issue and will need to be quit/restarted to progress.


We have discovered an issue with chain quests failing to continue after a server restart. While we're working on resolving the issue, it's suggested that you attain quests as you're ready to complete them whenever possible. Grabbing a quest with the intention of doing it another day increases the likeliness of the issue effected you.


The new diving system is now in beta release. The questline to get the scuba mask and diving book is available to start from Thane Blackwood on the docks outside of Smallhollow in Forsaken Isles. You will also notice a new location on the world omniporter. You will be able to find some of the other NPC's for the quest in Elvenwood Market Square. A wiki page will be added for this questline at a later date. You're welcome to do the quest in the meantime. Everything is self-explanatory and information you need is provided in the quest dialogue.


An all new seasonal event, Treasure Hunters Quest, will begin on July 1st and run for the month. With this quest , we now have a seasonal quest active during every month of the year, which frees us up to work on other content.


New Login Achievements are now active! Make sure you log in every day to get the most out of this system!



Happy New Year!


Christmas is getting close! Be sure to log in before the end of Christmas Day to receive your holiday gift box!

We have also removed the AFK checker and will be allowing AFK resource gathering from this point on!

Merry Christmas!


The Nightmare Before Christmas event is now live. Reach it via the Quest Grove and seek out Mrs. Santa Claus for details!


Our new facet, Forsaken Isles, is now active. Players who downloaded the client before the 26th of June, 2022 will need to:


  1. Navigate to the following folder: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ultima Online Legends Of Sosaria\ClassicUO\

  2. Delete the settings.ext.json file in the folder.

  3. Patch. The correct version of the file will patch back in allowing you to see the map correctly.

Players who downloaded the file after June 26th will not have this issue as they will already have the correct version of the file.


A fix for the issue that caused mobiles to  disappear/reappear has been implemented. We are hopeful that this has been 100% resolved, but please let us know if you notice any issues.

We are looking for suggestions and ideas of how to draw in more new players. We've noticed a serious lull recently and we are hoping those of you who have come to make this their home would have some input on what we can do to help grow the shard. You are welcome to email in your suggestions to, fill out our contact form,, or mention anything in the-wayfarers-inn in Discord. Let us know how we can help. Thank you.



Happy New Year!


Abecedaria (The New Player Facet) has been patched in and completed. Please be sure to patch your clients! You will also need to run the CUO provided through our patcher OR edit your settings.json in your own CUO and replace the maps_layouts line with the line below in order to see the maps properly.

"maps_layouts" : "7168,4096;7168,4096;2304,1600;2560,2048;1448,1448;1280,4096;1448,1448;",



The New Player Dungeon has been expanded to more than double it's size!



Fellow Sosarians! There is rumor of a Golden Thanksgiving Turkey hidden in the lands. This turkey is said to have a legendary dust on it. Kill or tame it, the choice is yours. Happy exploring and happy thanksgiving!

Found by Kestrel! Congratulations!

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