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Port: 2593


12/4/2019:  The new client is available.  More information about the custom changes will be available over the next couple weeks.

11/25/2019:  We will be reopening the doors to new accounts as soon as we are satisfied that the changes have been implemented properly and not before.

No Skill Cap

300 Starting Stat Cap

(500 possible with scrolls)

11 types of BoDs

Custom Clothing Graphics

Weapon Leveling

Custom Arti Systems

(Tier 3 Tokuno, Relics of Ter Mur trade in system

Legendary Spawn and Artifact Drops)

Ten levels of T-Maps with custom drops for

T-Map and SOS chests!

Custom Resources and Runics

Imbuable Clothing

Custom Spawn, Factions, Townhouses, LOTS of deco


Download our Custom Client & Play for Free!

Screenshot of the month

Donation Bonus

Personal World Teleporter

per $40 USD donation


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