Wiki - How To Make Gold

Whether you're a brand new player or a seasoned vet, very little can be accomplished without gold.  Here we will outline some of the ways to make your fortune in Legends of Sosaria.  If you discover more ways to make decent gold in game, page us with your findings and we will add it to this list. 


You'll quickly learn that it isn't too hard to

become wealthy, so don't get too discouraged at the prices in the LoS store.  

Escorting NPC's

One of the safest ways to make a little gold is to find an escortable npc, find out where they want to go, and take them there.  One such quest can be completed every five minutes.

Gold Panning

Perhaps the most obvious means of making gold is to literally pan it from shallow water.  Gather gold nuggets with the use of a gold pan and trade them in for larger ones and eventually bank checks worth 20k gold.  There is also the option of crafting a wide variety of deco that may sell with large gold nuggets.

Harvesting Materials

It is possible to make a tidy sum doing nothing other than harvesting these resources and selling them to players who craft high end goods or do BODS.  Merchant Coins, which can also be sold, are also earned for harvesting.  Combining these two things make playing a purely harvesting toon a viable option.

Hunting & Champing

This is the age-old method of hunting monsters for gold and treasure.  Almost all monsters carry gold that can be taken from their corpses once they're killed.  The [claim or [grab command can be used as well to harvest gold quickly even without a loot bag.  Loot bags can be configured to claim other objects as well (See [my commands for more details).

The [grab command has been disabled in Champion Spawn regions, but the [claim command still works.  With the gold shower, and potential Power Scroll sales, champing is arguably one of the fastest ways to amass a fortune.

Filling BoDs

All Bulk Order Deeds reward the crafter with gold and points when filled and turned in.  The amount of gold is negligible with low level contracts, but the high end ones can quickly add up to a lot.  If you have the patience to fill BODs extensively, you can make millions and play the market by spending your points on rewards that will sell quickly.  Merchant Coins, which can also be sold, are also earned for filling BODs and crafting items.

Treasure Hunting & SOS's

All those maps you collect from monsters as you hunt are potentially gold in the bank.  The amount of gold in Treasure Chests has been modified to approximately 5k per Chest level.  Combined with the special drops that can appear in them, treasure chests can quickly net you a tidy sum.  

SOS's have been similarly modified with their own special drops.

Running a Player Vendor

Many would consider selling things on a vendor to make gold a no-brainer, but it's worth being stated here.  Many of the methods above mention deco that can be crafted or special drops.  Artifacts drop in several locations and some on entire facets.  Many of these will be worth more to others than you'd think.  With our vendors not requiring gold to maintain (they take 15% of sales instead), it is possible to price high ticket items conveniently on your vendors without paying a daily fee.  Sell your extra powerscrolls, artifacts, crafted items, deco, and everything else.  If things don't sell, adjust your prices.  The best thing about vendors is that you can be making gold even when you're not active in game.

Npc Vendor Commodity Trading

Most npc vendors restock items to 500 instantly.  The price of an item increases by 1 for every 1000 items bought, and decreases by 1 for every 1000 sold.  Because each vendor keeps track of it's own prices, it is possible to buy at one vendor and sell at another and come out with a profit.  

Use the Referral System to Invite Others to Play

For every player to whom you share your referral code, who ​plays long enough to meet the requirements, you will earn 10 Legendary Dust which has a gold value of 250,000 gp each. For most, these players will be a short list of friends or family, but if a streamer decided to advertise their code it would potentially earn them a fortune.