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Wiki - Sinkable Ships

All boats, ships and galleons can become damaged and, if they are, will require repairs before they can be dry docked. If a ship is damaged heavily enough it may not sail at all and can be sunk. Players who are on a ship that sink are in danger of drowning

In order to ensure their boats can get them safely to shore, players will need a supply of wooden boards and yards of cloth on hand. These are the materials used to enact repairs.


Most of the information available on's wiki is accurate to Legends of Sosaria. The system is in the process of being customized for the server, however, and any changes will be explained here as they are developed.

  • All boats now have durability and will require repairs. All normal boats have 25k hits​​. The Britannia Ship available in the LoS Store has 200k (this amount is listed ? on's wiki). Tokuno and Orcish Galleons have 100k, and the Gargoyle Boat has 140k.

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