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Wiki - Training Skills

We have tested out easiest ways to train skills on this server.  This is a guide for how to quickly train all the skills.  Please note we are listing how to train the skills from zero if possible.  However, there is always the option of going to buy skill minimum from an NPC as well.  Also, not all skills can be trained all the way naturally and require either scrolls of transcendence or skill codex to pass certain levels.

Anatomy will go up naturally when fighting and training healing

Visit the training room, bows in training room do not require ammo

0 - 30: Train at NPC Alchemist.
30 - 45: Agility Potion.
45 - 55: Strength Potion.
55 - 65: Greater Agility Potion.
65 - 75: Greater Strength Potion.
75 - 85: Greater Heal Potion.
85 - 95: Greater Cure Potion.
95 - 100: Greater Conflagration Potion.
100 - 120: Deadly Poison Potion

Animal Lore
To train animal lore, you need to train on a pet that is tamed. You can use lore on the same pet to go from 0-120. Alternatively, you can gain animal lore from training Veterinary.

Animal Taming
0-11.1 Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Chicken/Birds/Rats
11.1-23.1 Goats/Cows/Pigs/Sheep
23.1-29.1 Hind/Eagle/Timber Wolves
29.1-35.1 Horses
35.1-41.1 Black Bear/Llama/Polar Bear/Walrus
41.1-53.1 Brown Bears/Cougars
53.1-59.1 Grey Wolf/Panthers
59.1-71.1 Grizzly Bears/Great Harts
71.1-83.1 Bulls
83.1-95.1 Ridgebacks
95.1-120 Ki-rin or Unicorn

*Lock everything besides taming/lore (less total skill points = easier gains)
*Lock lore once it gets to just below 80 until taming catches up to prevent losing young status

First you should run around new haven taming the hardest things tamable on the list above and one step below it (you gain from failures and you can make more attempts on the same creature more times the harder it is) The mobs won't attack because of young status but they will kill the things being tamed (just don't tell the creature you're taming to kill anything or if the pet dies the mob will attack you).

Once you can tame bulls (71.1) or if your not young go to the road on the west side of royal city and go north till you cross the bridge and tame a high plains boura to kill the things you tame for you (they kill bulls and ridgebacks almost instantly and only take 47.1 taming to tame). Then head to Delucia and tame the bulls/great hearts in the area the release and have the boura kill them.

Finish up taming Ki-rin/Unicorn from 95.1 to 120 to kill the Ki-rin tame all you can then run over to blood dungeon and tell them to stay and the undead stuff will kill them for you quickly. If you kill them yourself they will drop your fame/karma quickly and they will attack you on site.

An alternate to the above strategy is once you hit 90 (you can do this with jewelry as well) if you can get a masteries book you can get to 120 spamming spells from it in your house and it's a lot faster, but isn't usually an option starting out.

Arms Lore
Can train on any weapon from 0-120

Use on the Beggar NPC near the training area in New Haven.

0-64.5 Mace
64.5-75 warfork
75-110 Gargish Amulet

110-120 Boomerang

0.0-30.0 Shafts (Please note this will make as many as possible at once with the wood in your pack. You will want to set up an organizer to move 1 piece of wood to your pack. Craft 1 shaft, repeat)
30.0-70.0 Bows
70.0-100.0 Crossbow
100.0-120.0 Yumi

120.0-130.0 Elven Composite Long Bow.

0-30 Buy from NPC
30-60 Confidence
60-97.5 Evasion
97.5-120 Momentum Strike (add into attack)

Use on kindling to train up

0.0-25.0 Barrel Staves
25.0-46.0 Wooden Box
46.0-56.0 Medium Wooden Crate
56.0-76.6 Wooden Shield
76.6-98.6 Quarter Staff
98.6-100 Tetsubo
100.1-120 Gargish Chest
115-130 Small Display Cases

0 - 10+: Buy from NPC Mapmaker
10 - 50: Local Maps.
50 - 65: City Maps.
65 - 99.5: World Maps.
99.5 - 100: Decipher lvl 3+ Treasure Maps

0-30 Buy from NPC
30-40 Consecrate Weapon
40-55 Divine Fury
55-69 Enemy of One
69-88 Holy Light
88-100 Noble Sacrifice

Cooking Fish Steaks or making Dough can take you straight from 0-100.

Detect Hidden
Use skill and target ground nearby, can macro this easily

Add into an attack macro, you need a new target each time to gain.

Evaluate Intelligence
Use skill, target self or any mobile. Also will train itself as you train magery or resist spells.

Training room

From 0 to 75 skill, you will want to fish off of dock/shore.
At UNDER 50 skill you will only get regular fish. Special high seas fish will come at 50 skill and above. You will no longer get regular fish over 50 skill.
See Fish Types page for list of types of fish and skill levels.

Lava Fishing:
Requires 100 skill

Gains on its own as long as you use mana

Forensic Evaluation
Use on a corpse

Best method with least amount of risk is to buy a magical wizards hat from Mage NPC. Put the hat on, bandage, take the hat off. Works best if you ensure you have no HP regen.

Find animal to herd, use shepherds crook and herd to location

Does not work in the training room! Can stand by Britain Bank, use the skill every 10 seconds

0-40 Purchase from NPC

Loot as many artifacts as possible and unravel them.  You will collect magical residue, enchanted essence, and relic fragments as you unravel items.  Unraveling minor/lesser magic items got me good gains until around 50. (Can be found off spawn in Deceit dungeon).  At 45 skill you will start obtaining enchanted essence as you unravel.  You will get better gains at this point off of lesser artifacts.  You will want to at this point find things that drop a variety of good level artifact loot (Stygian Abyss dungeon for example is a great place to find these, but they can be found on lots of other spawn in various places).  I found the best method was to loot as much as possible, try to unravel the whole bag. If I failed, I kept the items aside in a stash for when I had enough skill to unravel them.  At 95.6, you will be able to unravel Major Magic Items and Greater Artifacts as well as any lesser artifacts with high weight. These will provide relic fragments and skill gain. Once you have 50 Relic Fragments, there is a quest NPC standing by the Soul Forge in Royal City (Ansikart the Artificer, Quest name : Mastering the Soul Forge).  50 Relic Fragments will get you a 120 Imbuing Powerscroll.  Finish training unraveling major magic items and greater artifacts.

0 - 30:  Buy from a NPC Mage or Scribe.
30 - 55:  Make 4th Circle Scrolls.
55 - 65:  Make 5th Circle Scrolls.
65 - 85:  Make 6th Circle Scrolls.
85 - 94:  Make 7th Circle Scrolls.
94 - 100:  Make 8th Circle Scrolls.

Alternatively, filling BODs is a great method to train this. Crafting spellbooks works as well, and does not use up mana.

Item ID
Use on any item, can easily macro

Use lockpicking chests in training room

Chop trees with Lumberjacks Axe (can be purchased from Carpenter NPC or crafted by a tinker)

Visit training room

You will want meditation and evaluate intelligence to use magery.
0-20.0 Night Sight
20.0-48.6 Bless
48.6-77.2 Magic Reflection
77.2-91.5 Invisibility
91.5-120.0 Earthquake

Will gain just by using mana

Use skill.  Mook Town under Custom on world tele is a great place to mine

Will gain as long as you are using a bard skill (discordance, provocation, peacemaking)
Alternatively, you can directly train by playing an instrument without using charges

You will want meditation and either Focus or Imbuing to use Mysticism. You get a bonus on spells for having focus or imbuing, whichever is higher.
0-20.0 Healing Stone
20.0-45 Eagle Strike [Target a trainer]
45-62.9 Stone Form
62.9-90 Cleansing Winds [Target Self]
90-100 Hail Storm [Target Self]
100-120 Nether Cyclone

0-40.0 Curse Weapon
40.0-80.0 Horrific Beast
80.0-110.0 Lich Form
110.0-120.0 Vampiric Embrace

0-30 Buy Skill or use animal form
30-55 Cast mirror image
55-85 Cast focus attack
85-120 Cast death strike

Focus attack and death strike use in combat

Visit training room

Use and target self, need to have other things around. Best place would be to find a pen of animals or somewhere with a lot of spawn

You gain on successes and fails. You will use maximum of 600 lesser poison potions, 100 poison potions, and 300 greater poison potions to train this. You will likely fail a lot, so be sure to have bandages and heal yourself or carry cure potions on you when training.
0-60.0 Lesser Poison potions
60.0-70.0 Poison potions
70.0-100.0 Greater Poison potions

To be added

Remove Trap
Use skill on remove trap chests in training room

Resisting Spells
Cast clumsy on yourself

Peek into NPC backpack (thief guildmaster works well for this)

To be able to use spellweaving, you need to have completed the Patience Quest. See Aeluva the Arcanist in Heartwood to obtain the quest. You will be rewarded an empty spellweaving book, as well as an Arcane Circle scroll and a Gift of Renewal scroll. You will also want to have meditation and focus to support this skill.
You will also need to complete Friend of the Fey quest and Fiendish Friends quest to use the spells Summon Fey and Summon Fiend. See Synaeva the Arcanist in Heartwood for Friend of the Fey quest. See Elder Brae the wise in Sanctuary to obtain the quest.
0-20.0 Arcane Circle. This requires you to cast with another player. You also must be standing in an arcane circle, abbatoir, or pentagram to use this spell.
20-33.0 Equip any melee weapon to cast
33.0-44.0 Reaper form. Make sure you are wearing 40% lower mana cost and as much mana regeneration gear as possible. LRC is not needed for spellweaving.
44.0-60.0 Summon Fey or Fiend. Does not matter which you cast, but Summon Fiend does drop karma. You also need to complete quests to unlock these 2 spells. It does not matter if you obtain the scrolls otherwise, you still need to complete the quests to use them.
60.0-89.5 Essence of Wind
89.5-117.5 Word of Death. Target yourself and heal as needed. This will do damage to you. To reduce damage, discard arcane focus crystal if you have one on you.

Spirit Speak
Can macro just using the skill. You also will gain this training necromancy

Use pickpockets in training room

No armor under 60 skill.
Wear Studded Leather Armor to train to 100.

Visit training room

Will gain by fighting trainers in training room

29-48 Short pants
48-56 Fur cape
56-66.4 Cloak
66.4-78.4 Gargish Cloth Wing Armor
78.4-100 Oil Cloth

100-105: Studded leggings
105-110: Studded Haidate
110-115: Studded do

It takes about 11k leather training tailoring from 100-115 using this method if you have a salvage bag. It is not the fastest gain wise, but it is easy material wise because it requires no bones

Taste ID
Use skill and target a piece of food

Visit training room

0-30 tinker tools
30-40 mortar and pestle
40-50 saw
50-60 pickaxe
60-80 smiths hammer
80-90 lockpicks
90-108 flour sifters
108-120 Nunchakus

Use the skill in a populated area on a loop.

Tame 2 birds. Take to Felucca and have them fight each other while you bandage them. You can easily train the skill up this way. Must be in Felucca to have pets attack each other due to PVP being turned on there. As long as you are in the guard zone you are safe to do this.
If using steam, set bandage delay at 4000 ms.

Visit training room