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Wiki - Quests

There are, literally, hundreds of quests scattered across Sosaria.  All of these fall into two categories that run off two different Quest Engines.  A list of standard quests can be found on's Wiki, though we will be modifying them as the server evolves.  This page will evolve as changes are made, and as we add custom quests.

An important note regarding quests is that we will not replace quest items should they become lost.  It is important to follow the quest gumps correctly, usually this involves clicking continue on one gump and then accept on the next.  If you click close at any point when trying to complete a quest it will fail and  you won't receive a reward for your effort.

This is especially important when dealing with a quest that can not be run more than once as the failed attempt will count as your one shot to complete it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you accidentally close the quest menu and have the npc take your items, but didn't get the reward; so long as the quest dialogue still appears in your quest you may be able to gather the items again and return to the npc.  Doing so will require you to remember what the items were, but being aware of this option may save you from losing the opportunity to complete the quest run.

Seasonal Quests

Other Custom Quests

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