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Change Logs



-Added sort filter on Fishing Bulk Order Books. This works the same as the one on the taming and farming books, you can sort descending or ascending alphabetically

-Added Player NPC Tinkers. These will be added to the LoS Store.

-Added bonus imbuing gear. This will be available from blacksmithy BoD rewards.

-Master's Keys have been removed from tinkering menu and will now only be available for purchase from the LoS Store. All other keys will remain on the tinkering menu.

-Added 3 new Large BoDs to inscription. Magic Trap, Magic Untrap, Magic Lock, and Unlock. Incognito, invisibility, reveal. And lich form, vamp embrace, vengeful spirit, wraith form. Updated changes will be reflected on the wiki.

-Added new pet powerscrolls to taming BoDs. This includes: 105-120 in Mysticism, Poisoning, Spirit Speak, Spellweaving, Bushido, Healing, Necromancy, and Parrying. Changes are reflected here.

-Fixed label on furniture containers crafted with custom resources in carpentry


-Fixed graphics for lizardman squatter, lizardman defender, and cave troll

-Fixed Allosaurus damage area effect

-Added poisoning skill to Iguanodon so that their poisoning special ability can be trained in

-Fixed incorrect fish hues on a few of the high seas fish

-Adjusted a few large taming BoDs in order to better cover all of the rewards, to be more inclusive to having as small as 2 part BoDs and as large as 6 part BoDs. Added zebra to mounts large taming BoD. Added dire and spirit bear to bears large taming BoD. Added a new taming large BoD of Lava Lizards & Hell Hounds. Unicorns and Kirins have been removed from the large BoD with fire steed, nightmares, and swamp dragons and were replaced with bake kitsune and gaman in order to avoid the female only/male only taming issue to make these larges easier to fill.

-Fixed filter issue on custom resources for Fletching BoDs in Bulk Order Book

-Fixed incorrect body values on Death Adders, Winged Terrors, and Fanatics of Adramus in ToA Champ Spawn

-Changed formula to calculate stable slots. You will now get 5 stable slots at 100 in veterinary, taming, and animal lore skills. 8 at 110 in all 3 skills, 11 at 120 in all 3 skills, and 14 at 130 of all 3 skills. There are also stable slot increase tokens available from the third tier taming achievements, up to 21 max per toon.

-Personal bless deed now works on quivers.

-Tree stump now reads the proper number of logs it is holding


-Bamboo to feed panda bears is now stackable

-Feathered Hat BoDs were removed from tailoring menu due to us having replaced the graphic. Top Hat will now replace that in the tailoring BoDs. Any feathered hat bulk order deeds can be trashed.

-Fire Rabbits now will take longer to burrow a hole and will burrow after 5 minutes of appearing instead of 3 to give more of a chance of being able to find them before they disappear

-Removed animal pheromones from crafting pet leash. They are now only used to craft pet bonding potions.

-Prismatic horse, dire bear, spirit bear, flamingo, crane, sentinel spider, cheetah, kunbarrasaurus, zebra, and faerie drake have all been added to pet training. if you have old versions of the pets and want to train them, you'll need to tame new ones as the existing tamed ones will NOT be trainable.


-Expanded taming achievements. There are now 5 tiers. Tier 1 rewards a pet bonding potion. Tier 2 a pet leash. Tier 3 a figurine dated with the date you achieved it. Tier 4 gives a stable slot increase token and tier 5 a pet slot deed.

-Regular horses will now spawn in a variety of brown hues

-Fix to a bunch of custom tameables not losing stats properly after taming. All existing shrunken pets have had their stats adjusted accordingly. If your pet has been missed, page us and we will fix it.

-Fixed improper bodyvalue on prismatic horses

-Fixed body value on blood fox

-Treasure maps will no longer be blessed after decoding, so that they can be trashed in your trash bag after completing

-Ancient Shadow Wyrm, Greater Titan, Daemon Lord, and Primordial Elementals can no longer spawn legendary.


-You can now repair items by a Player Owned Tailor or Bowyer NPC.

-Fixed: Issue with quiche stacking

-Fixed issue with vendor search gump. This will be fixed on player end after the next patch.

-Iguanodon's are now a pack mount

-Changed Ilshenar Shrines on world teleporter to Shrines. There is now Ilshenar and Trammel Shrines listed in the same section. -Fixed missing gump on seedbox, this will be fixed on player end after next patch

-Fixed personal world teleporter not letting you travel to ilshenar

-Starting at 100 Taming Skill, there will be a decreasing chance of angering on tame of creatures. At 130 skill, creatures who are normally angered on tame will not anger at all.


-Prism of Light no longer requires an admission ticket.

-Prism of Light spawn now only drops the appropriate keys as per OSI Wiki

-Modified spawners in Twisted Weald to make the place a little more reasonable (was extremely overspawned)

-Prism of Light now has holes leading in both directions so you can backtrack when inside of the dungeon instead of having to go all the way back around through the whole dungeon

-Fixed the getting stuck in a loop issue with the exit gate from the effusion room in Prism of Light

-Fixed wrong body value on dark guardians

-Area peace effect on insane dryads has been dropped to only stay in effect for 5-10 seconds instead of 20-80 seconds

-Increased drop rate on disintegrating thesis notes slightly

-Pads of the Cu Sidhe are now renamed to Pads of the Leucrotta

-Fix to mislabeling on New Player Gear (forgot a line break after the morph and equippable tags)

-Removed the old staff treasure maps from the custom daily rares. They've been replaced with 2 new items.

-Treasure Isle Pirates are now Reds instead of Blues -Player owned NPC's now appear naked. This is to fix the issue of using the swap clothes and ending up with unmovable clothing in your pack.

-Players will now see the full world save message, including save time. We may decide to change this again in the future.

-We are now listed on 7 vote sites. They can be seen on the website, and will all be listed on the vote command. You can choose which 5 sites you prefer to vote on, to get your 5 tokens a day.


-Fixed issue with treasure maps dropping without a facet attached from tmap chests

-Fixed issue with tailoring BoDs creating null bulk orders. Removed bandana, jester suit, and jester hat from tailoring BoDs. Large bulk order deed of Jester Suit, Jester Hat, Cloak, and Shoes has been removed. Large order of bandana, Shirt, Skirt, Thigh Boots has been changed to cloak, shirt, skirt, thigh boots. If you have any of these bulk order deeds, please trash as you will not be able to fill them.

-Reverted change to bulk order books, you can now drop your bulk order deeds on a locked down book or a book in a container again. Change was made because we thought it was causing an issue with the books, however we found the underlying issue was some tailor bulk orders not creating properly and the issue is being dealt with.


-Fixed incorrect graphic on marble toilet

-Void pool has been removed and Covetous has been re-spawned with regular spawn

-Fixed: Body value on frost mites, they were appearing invisible

-Added tags to New Player Gear for Morph Item and Equippable until 6 months account age

-Increased drop rate of special drops for level 6-10 Treasure Maps


-Patch 2.0 is released. See patch stone at bank. Client link has been updated for whole client download on the website.

-Solen Hive has been renamed to Flaahgra Lair. It has been redecorated and names on quest have been changed accordingly to match the new spawn.

-Added 2 new animations, zebra and Kunbarrasaurus (a prehistoric turtle). These will both be tamables, they will be available in the new facet (Isle of Eacotura).

-3 new quests have been added into Isle of Eacotura. See wiki for more details.

-Many issues with the new animations have been resolved. -Graphics for wooden and metal chests, wooden and metal boxes, and crates have all been replaced with nicer versions.

-Backpack gump has been changed to a custom pack

-Zebras are available as a new mount

-Zento Bank has been rebuilt in the center of Makoto Zento


-Added Christmas champ. It's located outside of Fel deceit on Dagger Isle.

-Fixed issue with ice furniture not placing from Winter Fishing Quest

-Added to masonry menu: Small and Medium Stone Pedestals, Stone Statue Pedestal, Fancy Marble Pillar

-Fixed: Sandy Claws no longer has a fame title. Sandy Claws is now Red instead of Blue

-Tiger Pelt Gear has been fixed and re-added to the tailoring list. The recipe scrolls will now drop for this gear in the Isle of Eacotura.


-Trade menu has been tested on the new client and you can trade currency between each other by double clicking on the deed that shows up in the trade window.

-Tomb of adramus wearable artifacts have been updated for the changes to the client we made.


-Sandstone tables are now craftable with glassblowing

-Glassblowing has been revamped a bit, a bunch of lamps were added to the craft menu as well as a few other various items

-Marble tables have been added into the masonry menu. Masonry will be getting a bit of a revamp for the next patch, a bunch of new items will be added into the menu.


-Added to taming cra12/13/19: -Sandstone tables are now craftable with glassblowing -Glassblowing has been revamped a bit, a bunch of lamps were added to the craft menu as well as a few other various items -Marble tables have been added into the masonry menu. Masonry will be getting a bit of a revamp for the next patch, a bunch of new items will be added into the menu. ft: Color Remover. Craftable dye to set pets hue back to 0.

-Added to taming craft: Pet bonding potions

-2 new quests have been added into Isle of Eacotura. Both will be available to do after the next patch (you will need to be patched to see the quest areas). These are to replace the quests in Valley of Eodon, plus we added a lot of cool custom deco into these as well. There will be one more quest added into this facet.

-Fixed: Blank recipe scrolls from Isle of Eacotura were removed


-Removed chairs and couches that no longer work properly from carpentry menu. Replaced gargoyle chair and couch with plush chair and couch

-Wooden benches are being replaced with this partial hue bench (graphic change will be in next patch). They are also now craftable on carpentry menu.


-Fixed Tiger Rug south showing an incorrect piece

-Fixed shrink graphic on faerie drakes

-Taming BoDs have been adjusted for creatures that have been removed and wiki has been updated to reflect these changes

-Fixed incorrect graphics on macadamia and almond trees, fixed graphics on Fall quest reward trees

-Removed the pre-built castles and keeps off of the house placement tool that we no longer have

-Tailor NPC's now buy and sell bones

-Skill Mastery Books were removed due to the fact that we are on a client that is before masteries were added and they no longer work properly. Primers will no longer drop at champion spawns or peerless as well.

-Fixed: taming achievements have been updated to reflect the changes in tamables.

-Fixed a couple typos on gold smelting items, and a couple of incorrect graphics.

-All display areas are now finished being rebuilt and are fully reopened


-Fixed region issue with Winter Ice Fishing quest

-Fixed body values on shame greater elementals, ancient lich

-Fixed issue with bod's not generating properly


-Solen Hive has been renamed to Flaahgra Lair. For the next patch, this area will be redecorated accordingly.

-The new ethereal mounts are on display in the LoS Store. For those of you needing replacements, please take a look and page if you see any you'd like to trade out for.

-Winter quest is now open. Wiki page should be posted later today

-Lakeshire has been spawned with a few NPCs. There is now a tinker, blacksmith, animal trainer, alchemist, scribe, cook, baker, carpenter, and mage to make use of the area

-Fixed issue with runic atlas

-NPC's will now all be dressed. If you find any naked ones, please let us know and we will respawn them to fix the issue.

-Griffins are now spawned

-Green tea baskets are now stackable


-The new client has been released. We will be posting more detailed notes on some of the changes in the next day or so. Major changes: Many clothing, weapons, hair styles have new graphics. Most land and texture tiles were re-done. Many trees were changed. Many spawn have new/better animations, there were over 100 new mob animations added. A lot of custom mobs we will be adding in slowly as we build.

-Felucca Buc's Den is now reopened and renamed Treasure Isle. You can find it on the world teleporter under Felucca Moongates. This will eventually be the location for a seasonal quest.

-Isle of Eacotura is now on the world teleporter under Customs. This is the custom map that Kos and I made to host our dinos, tigers, mastodons, cheetahs, panda bears and other various new custom spawn. Many of these critters are tamables. There are 4 tribes located in Eacotura, one in each corner of the map. Eventually, there will be quests available from each tribe to replace some of the Eodon quests.


-Coconut Palm trees in LoS Orchards are now labeled

-Dough and any items that can be crafted exceptional have been removed from Chef's Key due to an issue of it combining both and making items non-exceptional.

-Fixed issue where Chicken Leg BoDs were being created asking for exceptional

-Fix to egg bomb being labeled in cooking BoDs as Smoke Bomb

-Due to the bribe feature not working very well with Tinkering BoDs, we have disabled the option of using it for Tinkering Bulk Orders.

-Fixed issue with player owned Vendors, Mannuequins, and Stewards not checking for owner on context menu options. You will no longer see the option to swap clothes, redeed, etc unless you actually owner the mannequin, steward, or NPC Vendor.

-Fixed issue with labels on house items crafted with masonry with custom materials

-Added Tiger Pelts (White, Black & Regular) into Tailor Keys -Increased drop rate on Animal Pheromones


-Miner's now buy and sell all types of ingots.

-Leather worker's now buy and sell leather

-Lumberjack's now buy and sell boards

-Stonecrafter's now buy and sell granite

-Fixed: Removed extra reward title from BoD Rewards

-Laralee, the Deco Vendor in Pomona's Market, was moved to the Northwestern Grassy area of the marketplace in order to display the custom addons that she sells.


-Fixed: Hidden skill training achievements for combat and taming skills are now visible on the achievements menu

-Fix to Sage Humboldt disappeared from Papua

-Fix to piano addon having a deed on top

-Our custom Painting system has been added. Bob Ross the quest NPC will be placed in Pomona's Farms with a small quest to gather him Natural Dyes. This quest has a cooldown of 7 days. A display area will be set up at some point in the next couple days displaying the paintings you can craft with this system, a wiki page will be added as well.

-Cooks, Farmers & Bakers now all sell eggs -Donation Bonus will be changing on the 15th from the Zero Slot Tarantula mount to a Zero Slot Skeletal Cat Mount. See pictured below. We decided to do 2 special mounts this month to celebrate Halloween!


-Added Britain Fields into Pumpkin Patch locations

-Fixed: Blackthorn Arti drops will no longer happen in the Halloween Dungeon

-We have adjusted the Apocalypse quest slightly to make it a bit easier to team up and avoid issues with players claiming corpses and losing their seals. You will now receive the 4 seals to summon the Grim Reaper as the reward for slaying the 4 Horsemen. You will only need to kill the 4 horsemen to be able to progress to fight the boss. This means you can team up with others to speed things up. -Gold smelting items can now be crafted exceptional and will be tagged with a maker's mark

-Taming Craft system success chance now is at 50% at skill minimum. All of the custom craft systems will be changed over to this rate over the next few days.

-Added sturdy axe into lumberjacks axe list on tool key

-Added Halloween Spider onto Arachnid & Spider Slayer list

-Adjusted basic garden addon's that you can purchase from the NPC in Pomona's Farms to be more planting friendly (a lot of the tiles weren't working properly)

-You can no longer enter the Halloween Dungeons if you have no business being there. We made 2 separate quests and set the difficulty according to the level of the player. The dungeons need to be used in accordance to this.

-Fixed wrong body on one of the nightmare graphics, was showing up as a sea serpent

-Fixed issue with weight max on Halloween Stealables.  Stealables will now max at 13 stones for 130 Stealing.


-Fixed gold smelting crafting items with incorrect hues. Re-did the menu and adjusted skills and added new items. A display area will be set up with the items in the next few days.

-Trick or treat, pumpkin patches and player zombies are now turned on. There was no time specified in the script to turn it on just the date, is now fixed and will trigger at midnight in future years.

-Fixed halloween costumes. They're now working properly as intended and are only wearable during October



-Fixed skull pile addon not being able to be chopped

-Fixed/adjusted Mondain's Legacy Quest gumps (shifted things up so that you can fit in longer quest dialogue)

-Fixed typo on Tailor key, Faerie leather was labeled as Tainted

-LoS Patch 1.3 is now released. Added 22 new hues with this patch. (Hue numbers are 2811-2832) Fixed a few weird graphic issues (circlets showing wings or shields for elves on equip, custom dragon animation is fixed). Lots of new equipables and art grahics were added.

-Fix to halloween costume hues

-Fixed: Golems, betrayers, and Juggernauts were dropping wrong gears for Dawn's Music Box

-Changed message on salvaging to be less confusing, it will now say you need a blacksmithy tool in your main pack to salvage ingots. -For consistency purposes and to avoid confusion, we adjusted the skill minimum on all crafting systems. OSI based craft systems now have a success chance of 5% at the skill minimum. Custom craft systems are all 50% at skill minimum.

-Fixed incorrect soil on medium garden addon, wasn't allowing seeds to be planted

-Travesty dropping copies of your gear on loot has been fixed. Items will no longer drop in loot

-New donation bonus has been added and will be changed over shortly. It is a zero slot ethereal tarantula, hued in one of the new custom hues (Shadow Tarantula)


-Added new page to wiki on custom harvestable crop system (

-Added a few ankhs in palace of paroxysmus to prevent getting stuck in the area when dead. An exit gate has also been placed near the cauldron at the end of the dungeon so if you choose to not go onward, there is another way out.



-Added scales and broken heart statue to wood carving menu

-Added missing mini houses to wax sculpting

-Escorts can no longer be taken through world omniporter, recall, or other travel spells. You will however get 10x more gold for doing them than previously with this change.

-Interior decorators are fixed and working as previously to raise/lower items.

-Added custom stealables for Halloween which will be located in both of the Halloween dungeons. They are on display in the Daily Rares & Custom Stealables Display area

-Added 9 new foundation styles to the house custom menu


-Taming and Farming Bulk Order Books can now be sorted by Item/Animal Name (alphabetical order ascending or descending) and by Numbers

-Search bar on the wiki has been upgraded

-Custom Crafting section on wiki has been re-done.

-Halloween wiki should be finished within the next day or so, event launches on October 1st.

-Added a section into achievements menu for Quest Achievements

-LoS Display Gates have been re-arranged. Gates are better labeled/organized for ease of looking through the area. The Quest gates area has also been re-arranged, gates for Halloween quest are currently not linked. They'll be set up once we have finished setting up the rewards areas for viewing.

-Fix to the stats gump reading wrong time on bandage speed

-Treasure Map lockpicking requirements and remove trap skill requirements are now listed on the wiki under the Custom Tmaps section.

-130 Animal Taming now gives the perk of reduced chance to anger the creature you are taming

-Added 2 skill achievements for 125 and 130 Taming


-Fixed sound on feral dark wolf and windrunner

-Removed smoke bombs from Potion Keys

-Taming Bulk Orders have changed a bit. We have customized the system a bit more. Current larges and smalls are reflected on the Wiki.

-Added missing animations on picking fruit/nuts for Fall Harvest Quest

-Adjusted training cap for Healing Skill to allow to train to 130 naturally

-Taxidermy was removed from Tool Key
-Gold smelting tongs were added to Tool Key

-We apologize deeply for being down for the night. We lost power due to the hurricane.
-Server is back up and we have released LoS Patch 1.2. Patch stone is in front of Britain Bank. There is a new preview item in front of the patch stone to check if you are patched properly.
-Ogmokh is now open and on Felucca Moongates under the world teleporter. This was our custom rebuild of Felucca Cove.
-LoS Dust NPC has been placed back in the store. It has new buy and sell menus, to avoid any glitches, exploits or issues we had previously.

-Skill codex can no longer be traded between characters. It is now account bound, and you will only get one on first character creation, as per what was intended.
-Preparations for Halloween event have begun! Details on the forums will be upcoming in the next couple weeks.
-Fix to wrong graphic on a fall harvest quest reward
-Felucca Buc's Den is now closed due to remodeling. Remodeling of Felucca Cove is complete and will be re-opened after the next patch.
-Fixed an issue with pulling diabolical treasure maps into storage keys

-Fixed: Fall Harvest Quest Rewards will now drop with the date and Fall Harvest tag

-Fixed: Bandage speed was re-added back into [mystats command
-Fixed: Young player status will now tick off once you hit 700 skill points
-Fixed: Lich form wasn't killing you if you went down to 0 HP
-Fixed: Issue with escorts spawning without an escort location
-Abecedaria is now on the world tele under Newb Dungeon in customs.
-Added missing pet stat cap and resistance cap info to pet training

-Fall Harvest quest is LIVE! See forums for more details and instructions on how to do the quest! Quest will be active for the whole month of September.
-Donation bonus has been changed to Stronger Chest. Holds up to 1000 items, display version is in the LoS Store.
-Fixed wrong graphic on Frost Spider Taming BoDs
-Tamer's Bell is now able to be added to Tool Key

-Fix to an issue with the crafting from key changes
-New Player Champ gate should now allow pets through

-A taming craft system has been added. This is completely custom. The tool is available to craft on tinkering menu (Tamer's Bell). We will likely expand onto it more in the future, but for now it contains Pet Dyes in hues in line with leather hues. There are also some potions, pet res, pet cure & greater cure, heal & greater heal. And hitching post/shrink options. These are relatively costly since they're in there for convenience for players who would rather pay than wait and earn them with vote tokens or get from doing bulk orders.
-Yard wand now works for co-owners in house plots
-Fixed reverted change to skill codex, they now appear on new players with the proper 5 skills. If you created a character between the last 2 restarts and only got a codex with 1 skill, please page us and we will come fix it.
-Final preparations for Fall Harvest Quest are complete, the quest has been tested and is ready to launch on Sunday! More details are posted on the forum about the quest!
-The Damage bonus for spellcasting will now apply if you have 130 Magery, Necromancy, Spellweaving, or Mysticism. So you can get the damage bonus off of spellcasting skill of your choice.
-Added Legendary Strength, Dexterity, & Intelligence Elixirs. These will be available for purchase in the LoS Store. These will bump your individual stat caps by +10 in each appropriate stat, you also need Stat Scrolls to increase your stat cap to use these.
-Donation bonus will be changing on the 1st from the Pet Slot Deed to Stronger Chest (Holds up to 1000 items)

-Alchemy scrolls can now be pulled out of PS Book, book menu now stays open after pulling a scroll out.
-Added bag of boards to carpentry and fletching BoD Rewards lists.
-Fixed : Weight reduction bags from Huntmaster's Challenge now work properly
-Fixed: You can no longer pan from boats.
-Added Morph Item tag to lumberjacking & mining bonus gear. Also added to Lilith's Legendary Earrings. This is a custom tag, if you find an item with this tag it means that it can be worn by both Gargoyle's and Humans. The item will morph appearance on equip if your toon is a gargoyle, and if its a human it will morph back to the human form on equip.
-Storage keys have been modified so that the item no longer drops to your pack, it consumes directly from key.  It will pull first from your pack, and grab remaining materials needed from your keys.
-Legendary Dust Trader has been fixed and will be replaced in the store

-A drowning system has been implemented. If you find yourself in the ocean in deep water, you will start losing stamina. When you are drained of stamina, you start losing hit points until you are dead.  You will be moved on death to Yew Trammel or the closest boat you are allowed to be on if its within 30 tiles. You will need to summon your corpse if you die in the ocean. Be advised.
-Rikktor, Faerie Dragons, Mist Dragons, and Frost Dragons now have a larger hit radius. This will make it easier for you to hit him with a melee weapon.
-Stack issue with scouring toxin has been fixed
-Due to numerous concerns about spawn radius for Lord Oaks, it has been moved to 3625 2811 29 Felucca, Haven. This is now the only location for Lord Oaks.

-Inn Regions have been adjusted, you should now have an easier time logging out and disappearing immediately in them.

-You can now place player vendors at Magincia Vendor Stalls.  Once you win the stall, the option will be listed for hiring a Player vendor above the commodity broker or animal broker.  They will drop items to the warehouse attendant the same as the other brokers if the vendor is dropped.  You can also now lock down items in your stall to decorate/lay out display items.  One stall per account is allowed, the stalls are available in Felucca and Trammel Magincia.  They are first come first serve, you can also bid on someone else's stall to try to steal it.
More info on  renting the stalls available here.
-Imbuing now works out of keys the same as the other crafting systems.
-Pages disappearing on logout have been fixed
-Fixed: Special hued high seas fish will not retain the hue of the fish when cut into fish steaks, this is to prevent you from having 20 different piles of fish steaks that don't steak with each other.
-Fixed a few incorrect fish hues on some of the High Seas fish
-Fixed: Prices on player vendors will automatically refresh now when you stock items on them.  This was a bug, and has been resolved.


-Global chat history is now limited to 50 messages. We believe this hitting too high is what was causing the client crash issues. Please let us know if you run into any further issues!

-Added confirm menu into weapon level menu when spending points on a leveled weapon
-Player vendors can now be turned

-Added a New Player Guide to the website (Button can be found on front page as well as in the wiki section), added details about mining tile bonuses for Tmaps onto wiki

-Fixed: Crops can now be planted in house addons purchased from NPC in Pomona's Farms. There will also be individual tiles for sale on this NPC that you can lock down in your house and plant in

-Fix to primeval lich debuff
-Fix to Gregorio not sending a message that you cannot attack him unless on a quest


-Added a bunch of skill gain achievements. Display was set up in the LoS Display gates area with the other achievements display.
-Fall Harvest Quest has been announced on the forums. Details of the quest can be found here

-Fixed issue with recalling to boats in Felucca was accidentally enabled.
-We have decided to open up discord channel to players now that we are out of beta. Please note, we will not be extensively monitoring the discord channel. If you need staff, you still need to use the proper channels (page/PM staff in game, or use the forums). Please do not use the discord channel to post bugs or try to contact staff. It is only available for you to chat with other players.

-Fixed issue with new player gate that caused crash, has been replaced and is now only located in the training room.
-Added extra bonus for 130 magery skill. The bonuses from inscription, evaluate intelligence, and intelligence are amplified.
-Fixed: New Haven town region is back in place, you can now use repair deeds in the Town Region.
-New players (young status only) now start with a wooden house plot deed (for the small plot) in their pack.
-Added separate world tele location in training room

-Fix to being able to plant in house tile soil. You can now only plant in Pomona's Orchards fields for the time being for farming crops. We will be looking at making the house addon's and/or tiles that you can lock down in your house and plant in at some point in the future.
-We are currently working on developing a custom facet. We are announcing this to you all just so you know why from this point forward, the change log's will appear to be very light. This will be the main focus for us, outside of fixing any incoming bugs/gameplay issues (and launching the upcoming seasonal events we have planned).This will be replacing Ilshenar, and will be a long term project that will take a long time. We have no current projection for time frame, as we are building the maps from scratch. This will not cause any disruption to you all as players, anything currently located in Ilshenar that is necessary will likely be re-located. Our main focus moving forward is custom content for our server, and making our server stand out from others and moving away from being like OSI. We are also removing some of the OSI systems that we feel, aren't very exciting. Despise Trammel has been closed down and will be re-built to something custom. Shame revamp has also been removed from Trammel & Felucca, and you will now just find a regular spawned dungeon (the only change for this was removing the altars and the crystals). Blackthorn Invasion system was removed from Felucca, and is now only available in Trammel. We will be using this space for part of the Halloween event.
-Please let us know if you have any suggestions/ideas for exciting things you would like to see on our server! You can email us in any ideas at
-New players now start in the training room, and the training room has been moved to the Malas Cathedral (the top of the building, the area with the LoS Display Gates). This is to minimize confusion when players get on the server.

-New players now get 5 starting skills in codex to set to 100, instead of 1.
-Fixed: small taming, fishing, and farming bods can now be dropped into bod books when book isn't in backpack (i intended to do this previously however i only changed it on larges and not large and small bods)
-Added a message on picking grapes, changed timespan on respawn to 5 minutes delay on picking.
-We now allow 2 accounts per player.  If you have people living in your home who require additional accounts, page staff. With this change, please keep in mind you still are not allowed to AFK Macro Resources. If you are found afk gathering resources, you will be jailed. We reserve the right to pop up on you at any time we think you are not there, and if you do not respond we will boot you. This opens the possibility to grind out slow parts of the game (such as skill training) while still getting to play and immerse yourself in the game on another character at the same time.
-We have set up a bunch of house and tents for rent in Felucca by the Britain and Minoc moongates. There will be more houses available in Felucca as we build / make more available. If you have a particular place in mind, please let us know!
-We have set up a display area for the upcoming Fall Harvest Quest. It is the first seasonal quest we will be running, and it will start on 9/1. More info coming very soon on an upcoming forum post about the quest. Display area is through the LoS Display Gates on the World Teleporter under customs. If you run down the hallway, in the left hand side of the Cathedral you will see an orange moongate in an area by itself. All of the Seasonal Quest displays will be found in this area.

-Added custom materials to sheep statue and mining cart
-Changed location on a few inaccessible daily rares (Kos' Tmap, & some of the sea coral in particular were spawning in locations that couldn't be reached)
-The rest of the bulk order display areas have been set up.

-You can now drop taming, farming, and fishing bulk orders directly into the books when they are locked down or in another bag (no longer needs to be in your backpack to do so)
-Fix to mining and lumberjacking gear not being able to be repaired

-Fixed Owned by Nobody tag showing on gear
-You can no longer flip weapons with interior decorator. We are using the previously useless other direction slots for custom weapon graphics.
-Added player tailor & bowyer deeds. These work like the other deeded NPC's and will be available in the LoS Store.


-Added a tag to display for owner tag on quivers. We are aware it is currently reading owned by nobody on other items, this will be fixed on the next restart.
-Repair deeds will now work in house regions with player NPCs purchased from LoS Store.
-Changed shrink graphics on some of the tamable dragons
-You can no longer tame creatures while invulnerable. This was not intended, and thankfully was reported to us. This would devalue using honor taming.
-The Skull Lord will now drop keys for each person who damages him in the champ spawn (goes off of damage store, will still require you to hit him enough to count into the damage store)
-Added weapon change deed -- this will be put up for sale in the LoS store. Will require a sample which will be destroyed in using, will change the weapon's abilities, etc. If you change a one handed to a 2 handed, it will become 2 handed and vice versa. It will take weapon abilities, range, speed, min/max damage, strength requirement, skill, and one/2 handed from the sample. The rest of the attributes transfer.
-Spawned a couple daily rares which were previously missing.
-Removed exceptional bonus in sharpening blade, it was not allowing you to go up to the full 70% cap on DI if you were at say, 60.

-Added tons of new achievements to the achievement system. Just added: Champion achievements. Rewarded for killing champ bosses. Reward will be equippable trophies that will have your name as well as the champ name on them. Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies. Peerless/Boss Achievements: Rewards are titles and  decorative figurines. Taming achievements: Added about 27 different tamables for achievements. There are 4 tiers. Rewards are  pet branding iron, decorative figurines, stable slot increase tokens (increase stable slots up to 21 max per toon), and pet slot deed. We also plan to add some skill gain achievements and crafting achievements in the near future.
-Adjusted drop rate on keys for Arachnis, Infused Colossus, and Dracolich for Tomb of Adramus to drop a little more frequently. We have also changed the timers on the keys for the bosses to last for 3 days. Please note, the skull lord key from the champ still only has a 24 hour timer on it, so you will want to plan on getting the key from the dracolich if you get the key from the champ.

-Added training room map to new player pack items on character creation. This map just teleports them to the training room on double click to help the new players find where it is since we cannot override them choosing a start location outside of the default of New Haven
-Adjusted instrument drop charges, will now cap at 1000. Them dropping higher was mistakenly done when we were fixing the charges on legendary lute not replenishing.
-Bulk order books can now have deeds dropped into them from being locked down and no longer need to be in your pack to drop a deed into them.
-Fix to grape bunches not being stackable, fix to custom crops in harvestable crop system not properly uprooting
-Adjusted the drop rate on serpent's eggs from serpent's nest for summoning Medusa. The drop rate was ridiculously low making Medusa nearly impossible to get to without camping the area all day to get all 4 keys.
-Added [myhouses command. This will teleport you directly to your house. Please note THIS COMMAND WILL NOT TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU if you are not mounted on it. This command is being added mainly for the intention of us building houses in Felucca and renting/selling them with the Townhouses feature. It will make the houses more useful as you cannot recall into Felucca, you will still be able to go to your house in the event you get one there.

-Tomb of Adramus dungeon is open. This dungeon is completely custom. There is a small amount of info on our wiki about it. Adramus is a peerless who will have a chance of giving special drops, rare high end gear. Please note the bosses in this dungeon are extremely difficult and this was built intended for veteran players. There will a display area set up displaying the drops at some point today (I had taken the old one down because some of the items were adjusted)
-Legendary Quivers will now bind to your toon on equip. You will not be able to trade them to other players.
-Other versions of legendary quivers are now available in the LoS Store. They have focuses in other damage types (they will change the damage type of your weapon. Newly available are Fire, Ice, Poison, Energy, Chaos and Direct Damage. Chaos and direct damage versions will be more expensive due to the nature of how good they are). They will all bind to toon on equip.
-Pet slot deed is now on the Legendary Dust stone in the LoS Store
-Poisoning powerscrolls will now drop at champs and be able to be put in PS Books.
-Fix to treasure maps still not dropping in TMap Chests
-We have begun development on the Fall Harvest Quest. It will be the first seasonal quest we are launching since opening the server, and more info will be available at a later date about the quest. Quest will start on September 1st and run through the month of September.

-We are coming close to Tomb of Adramus being complete and ready to be opened. We are just finishing up testing and release will be announced soon
-Fix to issue destroying crops in harvestable crop system
-Changed melon pick graphic for ease of harvesting
-Reverted recent formula change to imbuing
-Reverted recent speed change to AI -- they should be faster again.
-Fix to tiger rugs from Valley of One quest not being hued
-Fixed vendor search gump reading only Malas facet for all vendors

-Looted jewelry now drops up to +10 stats.
-High end Runic jewelry can now be crafted with up to +12 stats.

-Fixed crash issue with Poison Breath ability in Serado, Pestilent Bandage & Dimetrosaurs
-Gold panning checks have been dropped from 50k to 10k. The system was implemented here to go hand in hand with a crafting system I had developed for the gold nuggets, it wasn't intended as a safe method to farm gold. Since we have noticed a ton of gold can be made from doing it, we have adjusted the amounts accordingly.

-Added 120 Skill Codex to LoS Store. This will take 1 skill of choice from 100 to 120 as long as you have used a powerscroll on the skill previously.
-Overhaul on updating AI -- minor adjustments on some of the spawn speed changes.
-Bug fixes to pet area effects
-Imbuing bug fixes
-Fix to New Player Champ not dropping PS
-Added a custom gear set (Teratologist Gear) to new player champ, small chance drop off of boss
-Weapons & armor can now be trashed with cleanup britannia, system uses imbuing weight to calculate points for each piece
-Added pet slot deed, will be added to LoS Store. Caps at 10 slots max.
-Fix to legendary instruments not recharging, replenish charges was previously capped at 450. Now caps at 1000 charges.
-Fix to hue on gold nuggets (was brown instead of gold lol)
-Recalculated the method which XP is calculated on mobs. Higher end mobs now give more XP than previously.
-BODs can now be grabbed off Armorer NPCs. They also can be gotten from 10 tiles away instead of 3.

-We have customized/redone Void Pool Rewards to add in some items we feel will make it more worth doing. We took the timers off of the Woodsman Talisman and the smelter's talismans. Because of removing the timer, we dropped the uses on them down to 50 use items. We also added in Miner's Talismans, which work similarly to the Woodsman ones (you get extra material when harvesting the type listed on the talisman). We also added in the custom resources up to Fire in each talisman type. Enchanted and Legendary versions of the Miner's and Woodsman's talismans will be available for purchase from the LoS Store.
-Added a new item that will magically recharge runic tool charges. This will add 20 charges onto any runic tool. This item will be available for purchase in the LoS store at some point, but in the meantime it will only be available as a donation bonus.

-Added zero slot Ethereal Eowmu mount. This will be on the ethereal mount stone in the LoS Store.
-Gargish Leather Wing Armor can now be crafted runic! This decison was made in effort to balance out the lesser number of gear slots that gargoyle's get compared to humans and elves.
-Added new items to Cleanup Britannia -- we added: Codex of Virtue Deed (Deed for a really nice large virtue tile addon for your house, is a mini version of the giant virtue tile the Slasher of the Veils is standing on). Customizable sign: Can add up to 3 lines of text on the sign. Enchanted Dial: Sun/Moon Dial, tells position of the sun and time (works off of in game clock, not the actual server time). Heritage Token, redeemable for an item of your choice (list found here Warriors Token: Custom talisman made by Kos.
-Added all of the legendary items into Cleanup Britannia trash list
-Added to BOD rewards: Tinkering: the 4 recipe scrolls that were anniversary items and previously unattainable in game were added to tinker bod rewards. The 'weathered' statue recipes. Carpentery: 2 Anniversary recipe scrolls for Vases were added to bod rewards list.
-Added gargoyle versions of legendary items to the drop list for legendary artifacts
-VvV has been turned off and switched to the old Faction system. This decision was made because most servers are using VvV, we looked at both systems and decided we liked the faction system better after testing was done on VvV.
-Reduced luck total on the luck deeds per individual item to 1750 due to game caps on luck.
-We have started setting up NPC's in Pomona's Farmer's Market. This is on the world teleporter under Custom. NPC's here will stock decorative items. There is one vendor right now, more will be coming very soon.
-Fix to not being able to repair Mage's Cloak of Pockets Legendary Artifact.

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